Fitness center

Our philosophy is to offer fitness training that is in harmony with the body, health and performance and is fun. Train under professional supervision for more vitality, a "good figure" and a positive attitude towards life.

Training an den Geräten im VitalCenter

Continuous care

... through our qualified sports teachers and sports therapists, who are at your side as experienced contacts and always have an open ear for all questions relating to sports, fitness and nutrition.

Holistic concept

... designed to ensure a harmonious and versatile development of all motor skills.

Individual training

... tailor-made, constantly monitored and adapted to the respective performance standard after regular tests on the computer-assisted ergometer for anamnesis and success control.

Balanced equipment course

... in the air-conditioned studio with 43 modern training machines from the brands technogym Selection® and Concept II, qualitatively and quantitatively equipped so that both cardiovascular training and muscle training can be optimally implemented. All devices are designed for natural movements, comfort and user-friendliness.. 

Versatile course offerings

... both in the gymnastics studio with a sprung floor that is easy on the joints and in the open air round off the sports program. To the course schedule

Our courses

Our varied program with fitness and prevention courses is included in the Fitness & Courses and All Inclusive memberships. It can also be used by non-members.


To our courses

Teilnehmer beim Aqua Fitness

SupaGolf in our historic park

SupaGolf is the highlight in Bad Düben. The facility is the second in Germany and offers nine lanes with lengths between 10 and 110 meters. SupaGolf is possible for everyone without prior knowledge, even for children from the age of 5. The season starts on April 1st. The SupaGolf clubs can be swung until the end of October.  

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