Whether Siewa bath, Perun life energy massage or Vanja's magic: In the HEIDE SPA Hotel & Resort, the treatments and care products bear the names of Slavic deities. A tribe that settled in the region around Bad Düben more than 1500 years ago provided the inspiration for the unique and multiple award-winning Signature Treatment Siusili®.

In the 6th century AD, Slavic tribes advanced into Central Europe as part of the migration of peoples. The Siusli tribe settled in our room. In the district of the Siusili was the settlement of Dibin, today's town of Bad Düben. The extensive pastures provided good conditions for cattle breeding. The Slavic settlers developed particular skill in beekeeping. The honey was often fermented into mead and they worshiped Zosim as the god of bees.

The religion of the Siusli was a nature cult. Their gods Belbog and Perun were considered the creators of heaven and earth. The love goddesses Siewa and Lada were worshiped for their beauty. The mermaid Vily, with her beguiling, transparent body and red-gold hair, was considered a particularly beautiful girl. She could change her shape and lured youths into the water with her crystal clear voice, who then drowned in it. In addition to the deities, there were all sorts of house spirits, elves and goblins. According to the Siuslers, they were good-natured and beneficial to people. The festivals of sacrifice were celebrated with singing, dancing, feasting and drinking bouts. Cold and hot baths were already known and popular back then. The Siusilers used these regularly for personal hygiene. They prepared steam baths by sealing a hut tightly with moss and then pouring water on red-hot stones. Enriched with healing herbs that they collected in the heath, all kinds of ailments were cured.

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Unsere Siusili-Anwendungen


Massage with warm herbal stamps, guided over the body's energy channels, releases blockages and new energy can flow through the body
Application time ca. 25 min. (Back) 51,00 €
Application time ca. 50 min. (Full Body) 87,00 €

Honey pack and subsequent care with Lada honey body cream for arms, back and legs
Application time ca. 25 min. 39,00 €

Massage with Lada-Honey-Bodaypack afterwards
Application time ca. 45 min. 65,00 €

with Aloe Vera and fine peeling granules
Application time ca. 25 min. (Back) 39,00 €
Application time ca. 40 min. (Full Body) 57,00 €

with foot bath, foot peeling and relaxing foot massage
Application time ca. 25 min. 39,00 €

gentle peeling of the back and subsequent massage with natural honey, detoxifies and conjures up baby-soft skint
Application time ca. 25 min. 39,00 €

Beeswax heat pack with honey-ginger candle massage for arms and legs, back peeling followed by a honey massage
Application time ca. 40 min. 68,00 €

Beeswax heat pack followed by a honey-ginger candle massagee
Application time ca. 50 min. 70,00 €

Massage with warm grape seed oil followed by a warm facial compress
Application time ca. 25 min. 39,00 €

with valuable grape seed oil, improves the vitality and elasticity of the skin and prevents wrinkles
Application time ca. 20 min.
perPerson 33,00 €
per Couple 44,00 €

named after the goddess Siewa, the embodiment of female beauty - young Siusili women were given this bathing ceremony with milk, honey, cream and heather herbs on their wedding day
Application time ca. 20 min.
per Person 33,00 €
per Couple 44,00 €