Garden of Senses

In our hotel's own park, the Garden of the Senses, various oases of well-being come together in the open air. As a reference to the earlier settlers of the Düben area, a refuge was built here, nestled gently under old trees. In the Garden of the Senses you can go for a leisurely walk, relax comfortably with a book on the lounger or simply enjoy the peace and quiet by the pond ... pure idyll.

Sonnenstrahlen Lichterspiel im Garten der Sinne

Place of monolith

Mystical and appealing in its very own way our place of monolith invites you to indulge in your sense of touch. Our granite columns are exceptional & multilayered and are each different, some smooth and clear, some filigree in structure or natural..

The Islands of Balance

As the name would already give away, you can train your balance with these small adventurous and flexible islands..

The Labyrinth

To walk along a labyrinth means to be let away from your usual course. It stands for discretion, a symbol for pilgrimage in the path of life itself, it shows one to get back on track in life even though there are many obstacles. In the end the way always leads to the goal. The user of the labyrinth is able to concentrate and to calm down. The mind is free. The diameter of the labyrinth is 13 meters. the length of the path back and forth 300 meters. You cannot get lost as it is not a maze. The twisty lanes do not show any crossings, that means choosing is not necessary. The way circles around the centre six times, always changing direction but always reaching the destination.

The Sanctuary

This cabin made of oak with a thatched roof should remind one of the early settlers around Bad Düben. They stand for humans in sync with nature and the use of renewable resources. The cabin is not only an eye catcher, it is also used for different events. The pond surrounded by the trees invites to relax and enjoy.